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"Love Goes Through the Belly"

As my German mother always said, “Love goes though the belly”.


Having grown up in Europe, my philosophy towards food reflects an old world sentiment that food is far more than nourishment of the body – it feeds our hearts and souls. It connects us with our memories and our histories and can transport us both physically and spiritually to another time.


Cooking for me is about bringing people together and nurturing them in the most primal of ways.  Cooking is far more than a profession or a hobby; it is a passion that infuses everything from the ingredients I select, to the time and attention I put into menu planning and presentation of the finished product.


Food also connects us to the Earth, which is why I strive wherever possible to use local, wild crafted and sustainable ingredients. I have cultivated relationships with local purveyors to insure that everything I prepare is fresh and life enhancing.

Whether you are planning an intimate dinner for two, or a lavish wedding reception for 150 people, you and your guests will feel that my cooking is far more than a culinary experience; it reflects who I am and my philosophy towards life and eating.

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